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Spark Awakening…Yes, It’s REAL!


Look at this baby! Isn’t it GORGEOUS! And it’s HUGE. At 480 pages, it is the book version of a healthy ten-pound bouncing baby!

No kidding this time, folks. It’s all ready to go, regardless of what life throws at us!

(Wow. Did I really type that? That’s like sending Fate a double-dog dare, isn’t it??)

But seriously. We’ve been through the wringer the past year and a half, from chronic hospitalizations (me), to a motorcycle accident followed my malpractice so severe that a shoulder literally died from blood loss (my husband), to a total shoulder-replacement, to major abdominal surgery with complications (me), to wound infection that slammed him back in a hospital across town while I was still hospitalized and all of the emotional upheaval that goes with that (both of us). We’re better now. I’ve been working hard on getting Spark Awakening ready for all of you, while making sure that it was the best book I could produce for my patient readers.

I’m sorry it took so long. Thank you for waiting.

The release is set for October 24th. OCTOBER 24th, Y’ALL!! I’m so excited! It may be time to pull out Spark Rising and give it another read, because Awakening starts with a bang and keeps on going. 🙂

For those of you who simply can’t wait, I am taking requests for Advanced Review Copies in exchange for honest reviews on release day. Just click through to the form below.


Again, I offer you all my sincerest apologies for the delays. I am so grateful for those of you who hung in there! I have the greatest readers in the world.




7 thoughts on “Spark Awakening…Yes, It’s REAL!

  1. I would have to agree, I love this series!! I really can’t wait to read what happens. I couldn’t put the book down. Please let us know when you might have the next book published. Thank you and Happy New Year!

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      • No don’t make it a trilogy! You’ve got a great story/world, make it a series! Please! I haven’t enjoyed something this good since Anne McCaffee’s Pern or Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover! And don’t forget the Valdemar series by Mercedes Lackey. This should tell you I’m and old old reader. I quit scifi/fantasy for awhile because it was all the same, too wordy, full of blood, guts and war. At least think about it…

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      • Loni, I’d originally envisioned (and outlined) 9 books. Then it shifted to 3 trilogies–still 9 books, same world, 3 different sets of point-of-view characters, with the next POV heroine set to be Phoebe. And I go back and forth now. I’ll decide after the next book. But rest assured, either way, the world will go on. The next book will just conclude Lena and Alex’s first big battle arc. I hope that reassures you some. 🙂 And also…THANK YOU from my heart. Your comparison to authors I grew up reading (and who made me want to write) simply took my breath away and made me tear up in happiness. What an amazing comment!!

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