SFR Brigade Summer Cafe: Dishing Up Dystopia with @SFRBrigade #scifirom


It’s summer time, and that means it’s time for an SFR Brigade event. The SFR Brigade is a wonderful group that connects the readers who love to read Science Fiction Romance with the writers who love to write (and read!) it. I’m so proud to be a part of it! This year the SFR Brigade is offering a fabulous Summer Cafe themed blog hop, where each author provides insight on an element of the genre we love! Click through using the menu card below, enjoy all of the offerings (including some amazing recipes!), and be sure to read through to the bottom for both blog-specific prizes and an opportunity to win a rafflecopter’s worth of goodies!



I love the theme of our summer blog hop. I love seeing good recipes come together, both on the page and in the kitchen. The best recipes combine common ingredients in ways that make them unforgettable. They make you crave more! If you have an appetite for more great stories, check out all the offerings this month. In previous weeks, the talented members of the SFRB have covered Space Opera and Weird Science. This week’s feature is Dystopia.

Dystopia has always been near and dear to my heart. A Dystopian that combines elements of science fiction and romance? Better than…well, to tweak my own main character, I’ll say that it’s better than maple syrup.

Dystopian fiction often mixes together a corrupt government, a system broken by cataclysm, a headstrong character, and dehumanized people who need to be inspired to seek change. Sounds like the perfect recipe for revolution to me…

Spark Rising_FINAL_ebooksm

In fact, it sounds a lot like Spark Rising, my debut novel about a young woman who is both a Spark, one of a special group of people keeping what’s left of society alive through their ability to manipulate energy, and the spark of a revolution. This revolution is going on both in the world around her and is playing out inside her, too. Lena’s falling in love, and the experience doesn’t entirely please her. Spark Rising is a full dish of genre-blended dystopian fun, with elements of science fiction, romance, action adventure, and urban fantasy layered together.

Southwestern cooking, which is featured in the story set in the desert Southwest of the United States, also features different flavors and textures layered together. This week I’m sharing my personal recipe that combines the bright flavors and textures of the region in a way that makes my mouth happy. I love the creaminess of the chopped avocado contrasted with the crisp jalapeños, onions and corn, with all of it drenched in the tangy flavor of limes and vinegar. I hope you love my creation, too!

Kate’s Avocado Salsa

3 ripe avocados, pitted, scooped from skin and chopped into small chunks

3 cloves garlic, finely diced (or as much as you like!)

2 tomatoes, diced

2 jalapeños, finely diced after seeds are discarded (wear plastic gloves for this!) (you can use only one if you aren’t accustomed to heat)

1 tomatillo, diced (after removing outer husk) (can be omitted if you live in an area where they are hard to find–this is very regional)

1 white onion, diced

1 cup cooked kernel corn

1 bunch cilantro

juice of 2 small limes

2 tbsp. red wine vinegar

olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

Chop and dice all ingredients but the limes, vinegar and olive oil. When handling raw jalapeños, it is best to wear plastic over your hands (either kitchen gloves or even plastic bags). It can be hard to completely clean the fingers of jalapeño residue and if you wipe your eyes while chopping the onions…you’ll really have a reason to cry! To de-seed them, slice them in half vertically, then use your knife or a spoon to scrape out the seeds. You can set aside to dry them and use in a spicy dish some other time, or discard them.

Combine the vegetables in a large bowl, including the cilantro and corn. Gently toss with the juice of the limes, then drizzle with vinegar and olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste. Cover and refrigerate at least one hour. Gently toss again before serving. Enjoy as a topping for grilled meat or eat as-is with corn tortillas or chips.


The SFRB Summer Cafe offers a chance at a fabulous prize package through rafflecopter: a Rafflecopter giveaway.

I’m also offering a personal prize of one signed paperback copy of Spark Rising (yep…open internationally!) to anyone who leaves a comment below and shares this post on any platform. I’ll be attending UtopYA Con in Nashville, Tennessee this week, so I’ll have randomizer pick a winner when I return on Monday, June 22nd. If you just can’t wait, the e-version of Spark Rising is on sale at all retailers!

Spark Rising FacebookAmazon ** iBooks ** Nook ** Kobo

Enjoy the Summer Cafe offerings, and don’t forget to click through on the menu above to visit the other Dystopian participants this week!


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