Guest Blog: Aurora Springer Shares an Excerpt from Grand Master’s Pawn

Today it is my pleasure to have Aurora Springer here as a guest. Aurora is here to share an excerpt from her new book, Grand Master’s Pawn, the first book in the new Grand Master’s Trilogy. It promises to be full of mystery, intrigue, and adventure! I’m really looking forward to this one, and I hope you enjoy!




A thousand years in the future, wars and portal failures disturb the fringes of the galaxy. On Terra, twenty-two year old Violet Hunter seems an ordinary student of the Space Academy, who dreams of exploring unknown planets. She applies to serve as the pawn of one of the twelve Grand Masters, although her hidden talent makes her ineligible. Violet has defied the prohibition against psychics for half her life. Why should she stop now? When she meets the Grand Master, or rather his griffin avatar, she realizes the danger. He must never learn her secret. He orders her on missions to exotic planets where she gains powers and finds strange allies. In secret, Violet seeks the truth about the mysterious Grand Masters. Who or what are they? Do they threaten or benefit civilization? And, what is the connection to her father’s death twenty years ago? While searching for answers, she plunges into a world of intrigues and explosive conflicts, while the galaxy flies toward chaos.

Drink tea with the White Mother on Avalon, fly with the dragon lords of Sythos, while Violet hunts for the evil conspirators in Book 1 of the Grand Masters Trilogy.



Violet blinked, and the gargoyle resolved into a winged griffin with fierce round eyes and a cruel beak of a mouth. Instinctively, she understood the griffin was an avatar for her Grand Master. She perceived no powerful entity within the room.

She felt a thrill of anticipation as the eyes flared to a brighter blue.

A deep, resonant voice spoke, “I am the Grand Master and you will serve as my pawn.”

“Yes, Grand Master,” Violet said, imbued with a sharp curiosity about his nature. “What may I call you? Do you have a name?” She refused to show fear at the eerie, disembodied voice.

“You will call me Grand Master,” the voice spoke in an unpleasant haughty tone.

Violet resented his attitude and resolved to assert her independence rather than retreat into a passive acceptance. She asked in indignant defiance, “Grand Master, do your pawns have individual names? Or do you call them by numbers?”

The room vibrated and psychic pressure built up against her. “You are an insolent pawn, Violet Hunter!” the Grand Master growled.

She shivered at his words, stepped back against the wall, and instinctively shielded her mind. Had she been too assertive? Of course, he knew her name from the Academy records. His psychic power was impressive since he was not physically in the room. Unexpectedly, Violet sensed a faint drift of his amusement, the mental equivalent of a smile. She was unsure if it was her empathic talent, or a glimpse he had permitted her.

“Hunter is a good name for your vocation,” he remarked in a milder tone.

Violet stiffened. He must never learn the truth. She hunted him.

His gruff voice grew severe again, “I have taken a chance by selecting you. Remember, you are on probation. You must prove yourself worthy to serve as my pawn.”

Buy Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TP1N5PM


After a successful career in science, I have achieved my life-long ambition to publish novels. My published works include science fiction and fantasy with romance and a sprinkle of humor. I was born in the UK and live in Atlanta with my husband, a dog and two cats to sit on my laptop. My hobbies, besides reading and writing, include outdoor activities like watching wildlife, hiking and canoeing.

Media links:

Blog: http://AuroraSpringerNovels.blogspot.com/

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Aurora-Springer/e/B00K2C4NL8

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aurora-Springer/885945434752937

Twitter: http://twitter.com/AuroraSpringer

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/101087717415198221200/posts

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