SFRB Showcase Presents: Ah, Young Love…


AH, young love and first kisses… Do you remember how giddy it made you feel? How excited?

How completely confused and overwhelmed? (Or perhaps that was only me?)

In honor of February, the month of love, I’m showcasing an excerpt from Spark Rising that deals with love’s first kiss. Except in a nod to those who remember just how twisted into knots love can sometimes leave us, especially if we’re not even aware we’re falling in love yet, this scene comes with a twist. The following is the scene immediately AFTER Lena and Alex’s first kiss, and I think it captures the confusion and longing of that particular first very well, as well as Lena’s attempts to deal with repercussions that are unique to her and her special abilities. I hope you enjoy it. When you’re done, don’t forget to continue on to the SFRB Link Page to keep exploring the showcases of the very talented members of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade! Thank you!

Excerpt from SPARK RISING

Lena had laughed and agreed that they should never mention that kiss again. Why was it all she could think about? And why were all of the boys and men in the halls cutting her such a wide berth this morning? Usually they stared and whispered, the Wards sometimes pausing to watch as she moved past. This morning, they were avoiding her. Perhaps it had all been a dream or a joke. Not a single one of them was drawn to her, or her Dust.

Not freaking likely.

Reyes—Alex—had kissed her. The one man who had zero interest in anything other than her capacity to move their cause forward. The one man who had spent his life obsessed with and moving toward a single goal. His discipline was legendary. And somehow whatever Lena was had overcome his discipline and singular focus, and he’d kissed her.

No, he hadn’t just kissed her. He’d melted her. The heat of it hadn’t been an electric response, it had turned those little robots into molten metal burning through her flesh and veins and consuming everything she knew about feeling good. She’d been rooted to the spot. She’d been lost.

And then he’d jumped away, and his shock and dismay had been written on his face. So she’d pretended it didn’t matter. She’d laughed. And when he’d said they should never mention it again, she’d agreed. Of course she had. How could she articulate how devastating that kiss had been, least of all to Alex?

And it wasn’t just because it had been so far beyond delicious it made her chest ache, or that the devastation washed into guilt as she thought of Jackson—she hadn’t been the aggressor, but she hadn’t stopped Alex, either. Both the deliciousness and the guilt were part of it. But the devastation went deeper.

It meant she really was everything they said.

It meant she would never, ever know if anyone wanted her for her. How could she know if the feelings any Spark felt for her were true, or if they were merely a reflection of her power, her so-called gift? If Alex had been overcome, what chance did anyone else have?

If you’d like to read more about Lena and Alex’s adventures in revolution and in love, Spark Rising is available on a variety of platforms in e-format and is available in print online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Spark Rising_FINAL_ebooksm

Amazon http://amzn.to/1uNCuD6

Barnes&Noble: http://bit.ly/1ITscuU

iBooks http://bit.ly/1wZbkzG

Kobo http://bit.ly/1vZh8Cd

Have a fabulous weekend…and don’t forget to check out the posts featured in the SFRB Showcase!

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