Tuesday Teaser — Snippet from WIP

Though yesterday was a rough one–as anyone with Anxiety can tell you, those days sometimes just come–overall it’s been a great new year for writing. In the thirteen days since 2015 began, I’ve finished a short story for submission to a themed anthology and gotten in quite a chunk of writing on the follow-up to Spark Rising.

And I know that it’s late, but I felt like posting a little snippet from the work-in-progress as a Tuesday Teaser. In this scene, from early-ish in the manuscript, an unhappy Lena finally puts her foot down, for herself and for “her girls,” and Thomas will just have to figure out how to give her what she wants–a way out.

Lena’s eyes narrowed. “I kept myself safe for ten years. I think I know the challenges and difficulties of life outside better than you.”

“Do you?” Another smile, this one seeming somewhere between knowing and sad, made a brief appearance. “That’s a discussion for another time, I think. In any case, it’s very different keeping one person safe—a small, unknown person who didn’t make herself a target—and keeping twenty or more people safe, all of them already targets and hunted, many of them too young to help defend—”

“You’d be surprised what my girls can manage already.”

“Do you want them to have to?”

“Yes.” Even Lena was surprised by her passionate admission. “I want them to learn to defend themselves, because you and I both know that they’re going to have to. I want them to learn that they can protect themselves, that they have the right to defend themselves, using whatever they need to use. Because no matter how well we hide away right now, eventually someone will find us. I want to be damn sure that when that day comes, the person who dares to come and hurt them will be the one bleeding on the ground.”

Her words were stark and true. She watched the truth of them being digested by the two men. Finally, Thomas nodded and she couldn’t help the relief that bloomed. She liked Thomas. She didn’t want to be at cross-purposes, especially now that she was about to have what she wanted. But she was tired of being kept out of the loop.

She was going to create her own system now.

Oh, that Lena. I can’t wait for you all to see what life (and the Dust!) has in store for her and to see her strength and resilience as she rises to those challenges.

Have an amazing night!

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