After a lifetime worth of waiting–well, it feels like it!–SPARK RISiNG is live. As of this morning, it is available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble for $3.99. The print proof is finally on its way to me, and if all goes well (fingers crossed!) it’ll be approved and available to purchase as a paperback by the end of the week.

Spark Rising_FINAL_ebooksmThere is a Release Week Blitz going on, hosted by a variety of blogs and organized by Xpresso Book Tours. She has my absolute highest recommendation–she’s organized, responds to emails insanely fast, and has a wonderful stable of blogs built up. Please visit my Facebook page this week to check out the blog postings. I’d love it if you could show some love to the blogs willing to give their time and space to a brand-new writer. And oh yeah, while you’re visiting them, sign up for the rafflecopter-run giveaway: I’m giving away two gift baskets of books, swag, and gift cards, as well as e-copie of the novel. Good luck!

Over on Goodreads, SPARK RISING has been receiving new FIVE STAR reviews daily. I’m thrilled with the response to the ARC and NetGalley campaigns!!

I also love that reviewers’ comments have followed up what I initially believed. SPARK RISING is a genre-bending cross of post-apocalyptic/dystopian sci fi and urban fantasy with a twist of romance. They say you should write what you love to read. Well, I did. I wrote all three of my favorite genres and I put them all in one book! *laugh* Being compared by readers to Seanan McGuire, Chloe Neill, and Darynda Jones is a little breathtaking, though, and completely unexpected. Every time I stop and think about a reader connecting me with these fabulous authors and their characters, I get a little trembly inside with both nerves and excitement.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that as we travel down the road, SPARK RISING becomes the little book that could. And I hope you’ll come along on the journey with us.

SO what do you think? Have you read it? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments. I’ve already got one impassioned plea from a reviewer to kick Jackson out of the story (um…) and keep Lena and Alex together. Any other requests from readers? *grin*

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