Weekend Writing Warrior – Ignition Point

My entry to this weekend’s Weekend Writing Warrior Entry is a snippet from “Ghost Story,” the third story in the recently released Ignition Point. We’re heading closer to the release of the related novel at the end of the month, and this story introduces the protagonist a few years before her story starts in Spark Rising.


Excerpt from “Ghost Story”

As soon as Ghost came closer she could smell the infection that would kill him in a few days, and a sick boy alone against Scavengers wouldn’t survive.

She weighed the danger to herself, then sighed. “I can help.”

“You’re a curandera?”

Lena shook her head and answered with the truth she was never meant to share, “Spark.”

“I’m not a battery.” He huffed a brief laugh.

“Actually,” she told the young Neo-barb, “you kind of are to me.”



If your interest is piqued, Ignition Point is on sale for $.99 and can be found on Amazon here.

More Weekend Warrior Writing authors can be found here. Have an amazing Sunday!

17 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warrior – Ignition Point

  1. Wow! This is fascinating! That last line sold it for me: I love her attitude, and now I need to know all about sparks and their sparkiness. I think I already know what a Neo-barb is, and I’m totally on board.

    To Amazon! 😀


  2. Nice to meet you, and I enjoyed your snippet. Great concise writing that made me curious to find out more. Looking forward to future installments : )


  3. Hmm, interesting. “She could smell the infection….” love this piece because for those of us who believe in the spirit world, know that often there are smells associated with different spirits. What’s most interesting to me is that she’s trying to understand this “ghost” so it tells me that she does not know particularly who he is, but yet knows of him. Great eight, I love it. Very intriguing.


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