A Word on Reviews, Honesty, and Gratitude

I’d like to share my thoughts on gratitude and reviews. My first book released this month. IGNITION POINT is a collection of short stories (perfect for waiting room reading, or a train ride, or a bathtub read that won’t leave you too pruny! ) that are set in the same world as and featuring an earlier glimpse of the characters from the novel due next month. In the days after the release, it briefly made it into the Amazon Top 100 Bestsellers for Paid Sci Fi Anthologies and Collections (at #89), and I was thrilled beyond words. I was also incredibly grateful to those of you (and those I don’t know at all) who spent .99 to see what I’ve been talking about non-stop for so long. I didn’t write the stories for me. I wrote them for others. That people are buying them humbles and thrills me in a way that I’m not sure I can express.

I can only hope that those who’ve bought the book like it. The best way for me, and any other potential readers, to know is for you to share your thoughts in an honest review (on Amazon, on Goodreads, or on a blog if you have one).

Yes, I keep stressing HONEST review. Obviously, I’m in no more hurry than any other author to be savaged if it wasn’t well-received, but I also understand that readers (including myself) use those ratings. And as I was reminded last night when a one-star review helped me decide to buy a book, sometimes what you didn’t like about a book will be exactly what someone else is looking for. If there aren’t any reviews, good or bad, potential readers will never know that.

That’s why I was also thrilled to receive my first four-star review. Don’t get me wrong. I love that I have five stars on there. I love that those who’ve read the book are as excited about the world and characters as I am. But that four-star review didn’t mean that the reviewer wasn’t excited, it meant that he/she took the review (and by extension, the book) seriously. The review itself was enthusiastic. So why four stars? Perhaps phrasing in the writing that didn’t resonate? Perhaps one of the three stories wasn’t as well-liked? I don’t know. But I do know that I am grateful that the reviewer took the time to consider, to weigh, and to give my potential readers (and me) the gift of honesty.

I hope that those of you who’ve bought the book might be moved to leave a review. They really do matter. And that those of you who have not picked it up might reconsider. Either way, thank you for putting up with me and for the companionship and encouragement as I bump, bump, bump along this road. It means the world.

And now, the obligatory link, because I’m a writer, and I wrote these stories to be read! Have an amazing day.

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