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Release Set for Spark Rising

Spark Rising, the first book on the Progenitor Saga, will be released in September 2014. I’m so excited to share this news, and this snippet of blurb. Stay tuned for more news and upcoming releases of extra material for you to enjoy until then!

Spark Rising

Lena’s ability to wield the energy-giving Dust makes her a commodity to control—or a liability to remove at all cost.


Lena Gracey lives in an abandoned gas station in the desert, offering her services as a black market Spark, those who keep what’s left of the world powered. She lives off the grid to hide that she is stronger than any of the favored males who become the guardian agents of the Council of Nine. Lena is well aware that the men of the Council prune away strong female Sparks to keep the matrilineal power in hand. Without controllable Sparks, they lose the tenuous energy that keeps the remains of civilization from plummeting into a third Dark Age.

Alex Reyes is an agent of the Council. The strongest of the male Sparks, agents are torn from their families at five to be raised to serve the Council. Honed into a calculating weapon, he instead uses his training to lead the next generation of agents in a secret revolution to destroy those in power from within.

The life Lena built ends the day Agent Reyes arrives looking for a renegade Spark. Her retaliation gives him a taste of the depth of her ability. The experience leaves Alex determined to convince her to join him as a weapon in his secret campaign against the Council. Lena is happy to play along if it means she’ll have a chance to repay her family’s losses. Can Lena and Alex build the trust they’ll need to work towards a common goal? Or will Lena’s hunt for vengeance destroy more than just the Council of Nine?


2 thoughts on “Release Set for Spark Rising

  1. Any idea when the next installment of the Progenitor Saga series will be released? I really like the books & I’m anxiously awaiting news


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